Mar 122011

Darshan Gooch and his new shred sleds

Spring has sprung and there’s many things we enjoy about spring amongst the central coast. After heading southbound on the 101 yesterday, I couldn’t help but to be taken back by the vibrant beauty beneath the beaming sun and lay of the land. Unfortunately, spring usually also means less swell activity, strong winds, and cooling water temps. What better way to adapt to these coastal changes than mixing it up and making changes in your choice of equipment.
This week I was fortunate enough to make two new additions to my quiver which has left me no other option than to wander the coast aimlessly searching for waves that normally would be passed by. First addition was a 5″11” Firewire (el fuego), as well as a custom hand shaped CITYFOG quad from Nick Palandrani.
Needless to say the creative motors in my head have been running overtime and I’m looking forward to getting into a groove on these new sleds. Be sure to check out the latest and greatest from both these amazing board builders March 19th & 20th at the 2011 Sacred Craft (Santa Cruz) expo in honor of Doug Haut. See you all in the water soon.