Feb 082012

How’s it goin’ everyone!? SC Family here sending out a special request. Every year the Good Times and Santa Cruz Weekly, local news papers in SC County, put on a “Best Of” contest
This year we want to make Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop one of the winners, but we need your help.

Why is Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop the best surf/skate shop you ask? Well…let us give you an idea of what we are all about…

1. Locally owned since day one
2. Our employees skate and surf
3. Heavily involved with local non profits, specifically Grind Out Hunger
4. We have a mini ramp in the back of our shop for the public to skate
5. We provide a place for kids to hang out with our tv’s couches, foosball table, pool table, arcade games, and more…
6. We do this because we love it 

Sure there are probably more reasons…but thats just a taste of who we are and what we do. Now head on over to the link below and nominate “Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop” and the best Surf/skate shop in SC!


Thank you for all of your support!

~ SC Family





Aug 102011

Check-in 5 times and get your FREE SC Beanie.

We are hooking you up once again with an awesome deal. First person to check-in to the Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop 5 times** via Facebook Mobile gets a FREE SC Beanie. We currently have 3 colors available: Red, Black, and Grey. Limited availability. They are selling quick so you better get on it.

Here’s what you need to do:
Stop by the shop at 912 41st Ave in Santa Cruz, say hi to us, browse our latest and greatest product, check-in on Facebook mobile, maybe even bring a friend and play a round of ping pong, then come back for more on another day.
It’s that easy.

Once you check in 5 times show us proof on your mobile device and we will hand you a SC Beanie in the color of your choice.

Who will be the first? Game on.

If you haven’t liked our Facebook page yet, be sure to do so for info about our daily deals and more: facebook.com/santacruzskateandsurf

NOTE: **Each of your 5 check-ins must be on different days. We will be able to see this when you show us your mobile device.

SC Beanies available in 3 colors: Grey, Black, and Red.


Apr 122011

Danny Simon log time friend and roommate of Bryan Stow decided he would contact Danielle of El Palomar and do something for his friend of 25 years as he lay in a coma in Los Angeles.

Showbiz and Danny Simon

The event that took place last night was way more than anyone could have asked for. Amazing people came together and donated from the heart, not only their money but for some prize possessions.

Bryan Stow Fundraiser

KDON 102.5 and The Morning Madhouse led by DJ Showbiz made the night spectacular. It was not without emotion as Showbiz asked for a moment of silence for Bryan Stow, it slammed right into the opening ceremony for the first home game of the year for the San Francisco Giants vs. LA Dodgers. The game was dedicated to Bryan Stow and a message was spoken by the teams that while this is a rivalry, we all go home to our families in the end. Stop the violence was the overarching theme.  You could have heard a pin drop in the Palomar…it was emotional.

Opening ceremonies for Giants game dedicated to Bryan Stow

After everyone was reminded why we were there, the festivities began as Bryan would have wanted them to. Auction items were flying quicker than Showbiz and Danielle could keep track. First to go was the replica World Series trophy for $550.

SF Giants replica World Series Trophy sold for $550

Next up was the autographed Barry Bonds bat donated by Eddie Gauer of Tanners Cove that fetched $650 in a heated live auction.

Barry Bonds bat fetched $650

As the evening continued numerous items were Live Auctioned, Silent Auctioned and raffled off with over $20,000 being raised in total for the Bryan Stow recovery fund.

Hand autographed Steve Caballero skate deck Stoked Grom!!!

I have never seen the Palomar that packed on a Monday night, and in the back of my mind I could not get the visual of Bryan Stow’s smiling face…and the fact that he was lying in a hospital bed completely unaware as to how many people care about him, his family and his recovery. It is truly heart warming to see the community come out in full force. Thank you to some many people, you all made a difference last night.

Below was a song dedicated to Bryan Stow and was sung at the top of everyone’s lungs. Hopefully Bryan will one day realize how many people truly care.

Sep 102010

As the holidays approach its hard to forget that 1 in 4 kids in Santa Cruz County are going hungry. Grind Out Hunger is the charity we started and we support it 100%. 2009 over 130,000 pounds of food was raised to help feed hungry children in Santa Cruz County. 2010 we want to double that to 250,000 pounds and we are 500 pounds closer.

Tarp Surfing legends Homer Henard, Omar Etcheverry, Chris Killen Seth Migdail, Dana “SkimShady” and DK pull some major Tarp Kegs to raise money/food for Grind Out Hunger special thanks to Timmy of Aloha Island Grille for the killah grinds!!! The Chesters for the video production and Black Tide for the song!

Special appearances by Luke Rockhold, Bud Freitas, Kyle Thierman, FujiTV (from Japan), Seth Migdail, Tyler Fox and many many more that made the day seriously out of control!!!

Make sure you keep an eye out for the Skateboard Ramp Donation Station as it makes its way around the county. Here is a little video made for us by The Chesters with some Black Tide music…enjoy and get involved!

Grind Out Hunger Skateboard Donation Station

Grind Out Hunger Sponsors 2010

Sep 012010

TarpSurfing has become a world wide phenomenon and SC is right there with it! Take a look at the screen shot and link on over to Apple’s Website to watch the video yourself (look in lower right corner for “TV AD” click and watch)! I guess you could say Tarp Surfing is the new POP CULTURE ICON!!! Make sure you come to our Tarp Surfing event at Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop which benefits Grind Out Hunger.

Tarp Surfing in new Apple iPod Touch TV commercial