Feb 082012

How’s it goin’ everyone!? SC Family here sending out a special request. Every year the Good Times and Santa Cruz Weekly, local news papers in SC County, put on a “Best Of” contest
This year we want to make Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop one of the winners, but we need your help.

Why is Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop the best surf/skate shop you ask? Well…let us give you an idea of what we are all about…

1. Locally owned since day one
2. Our employees skate and surf
3. Heavily involved with local non profits, specifically Grind Out Hunger
4. We have a mini ramp in the back of our shop for the public to skate
5. We provide a place for kids to hang out with our tv’s couches, foosball table, pool table, arcade games, and more…
6. We do this because we love it 

Sure there are probably more reasons…but thats just a taste of who we are and what we do. Now head on over to the link below and nominate “Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop” and the best Surf/skate shop in SC!


Thank you for all of your support!

~ SC Family





May 312011

The Core Shralpfest is an amazing event for the surfing community put on by a fine list of sponsors. In case you didn’t know…now you do. Sign up forms are available at Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop. Make sure you come down on Saturday June 4th to support! See the Santa Cruz Patch event HERE!

Feb 082011

Hey so it is that time of year where the GoodTimes Best Of’s come out and we need our customers support to win! Please click the image below and VOTE for Santa Cruz Skate Shop and Santa Cruz Surf Shop as best skate and surf shops for Santa Cruz County you have to vote for at least 10 items so make your choices count. Remember every time you make a purchase in our store a percentage of the sales go to Grind Out Hunger and The Core.

VOTE for SC by clicking this image!!!

Feb 042011

Hello all of our loyal customers, team riders, friends and family.  Santa Cruz Skate Shop and Santa Cruz Surf Shop is calling on all of you to VOTE VOTE VOTE for the best Skate and Surf Shops in Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop has been graced by YOU the loyal patron of our wonderful establishment year after year. Lets keep this tradition in the family by CLICK HERE to vote for your favorite Skate and Surf Shop. You  need to fill out 25 categories in order for your ballot to be counted. Thank you for all of the years supporting the best local skate and surf shop! Share this blog with a friend.

VOTE for Santa Cruz Skate Shop and Santa Cruz Surf Shop